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Join our gamified "futures" market for Environmental, Social and Governance  (ESG) ratings, contribute your insights and win rewards! 

You can trade on our platform, win real rewards and leverage forward-looking, momentum-focused ESG data for sustainable investment, while creating ESG insights to promote sustainable business. 

Let's get started! See below for instructions on How to Play.

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How to PLay


Be White Listed

Send us your wallet public key using the contact form below. We'll get you white-listed to the platform so you can make trades.


Get ESGX Tokens

To use the platform you'll need ESGX tokens. Once you get whitelisted, we'll send you the tokens you'll need to participate. 


Start Trading

Once you're on the platform and have tokens you'll be able to begin trading. See below User Guide for further instructions on how to make trades and navigate the platform.


Claim Rewards

ESGX tokens and rewards can be earned through your predictions and trades. Come up with your own strategies to maximize earnings.

We'll send rewards directly to your MetaMask wallet, in the form of DAI tokens. 1000 ESGX = 1 DAI.


Leverage Data and Insights

Join our platform to leverage market driven insights, on ESG momentum and sentiment, with forward looking and real-time dynamics for sustainable investment.

Companies can use the platform to understand market sentiment and build better sustainability strategies. 

Stay in touch for regular analysis and reporting on market activity from the Sustainability.Exchange team.

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